The Cellars of Hell …What if it’s Paradise instead ?

A place full of history

A place full of history

Set up during the second half of the 17th century, these arched cellars resisted the air raids. These are the oldest and deepest cellars of the village (located at -7 meters below the road).

In the cellars, the hundred years old 45 oak casks are standing up like the guards of the temple. The oldest one was built in 1850 by the cooper Martin Sattler. Of various capacities (50,75 and 100 hectoliters), they shelter high quality wines which mature gently and long time.

We also find in these cellars 35 barrels in French oak for the ageing of Pinot Noir. Close to these cellars is a more modern cellar with 18 stainless steel tanks from 21 to 150 hectoliters. This represents a wine-making capacity of 800 HL. All these tanks are temperature controlled.

The whole wine-making and storage capacity of the Domaine Kuehn amounts to 3.000 hectoliters.

Francis KLEE

Francis KLEE

A wine passionate

Francis KLEE, our oenologist and vineyard manager is passionate about wine and and is a nature lover! Passionate as well about history, he is an exceptional guide in the learning of Alsace wines.
the tour “Parenthèses vigneronnes”, he will be your guide in the streets of the wine-growing town of Ammerschwihr for a trip punctuated by anecdotes during which he will generously share all the stories, big and small, that he has discovered here and there...

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