The Vineyard In the heart of Ammerschwihr



The Domaine Kuehn has an extraordinary vineyard of 12 hectares (and 30 hectares in trade), located on the slopes of Ammerschwihr, representing an outstanding patchwork of soils and subsoils. This brings a quite particular character and a beautiful aromatic richness to Kuehn wines. These racy and genuine wines reveal the quintessence of the soils and make the delight of the high gastronomy lovers. The quality of a Kuehn wine already appears in the vineyards, where the key words are control of the yields, sustainable viticulture, biodiversity, and respect of nature.

Grape Varieties

Grape Varieties

In Alsace, there are 7 grape varieties. Alsace is one of the rare regions in France in AOC to name their wines according to the grape variety. 6 grape varieties give white wines:

Sylvaner: dry, fresh, light, slightly fruity and floral

Pinot Blanc: tender, fresh, delicate and greedy

Riesling: dry, lively and of a great fineness

Pinot Gris: full-bodied, opulent and attractive

Gewurztraminer: exuberant, powerful, floral and spicy

Muscat: aromatic, fruity, fresh and crispy

Only one grape variety produces a rosé or red wine: the Pinot Noir, originally from Bourgogne. Made for those who like light and refined red wine. They will enjoy the red fruits aromas, the reddish color and soft tannin of this wine.  

Our Specialities and Terroirs

Our Specialities and Terroirs


The Domaine Kuehn offers to the most demanding wine aficionados Cuvées which transcend the soils of Ammerschwihr.

Among the jewels of the Domaine are to be named particularly the range “Baron de Schiele”, and Kaefferkopf

-       The Range “Baron de Schiele” pays an enthusiastic tribute to the founder of the famous Cellars of the Hell, the Baron Jean Jacques de Schiele (1758-1826). At the end of the XVIIIth century, the Baron dugin the rocks the deepest cellars of allthe area there to vinify the noblest wines of Ammerschwihr. In the purest respect of the traditions, we work out the Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer Baron de Schiele by selecting the grapes resulting from the best terroirs of Ammerschwihr. The Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer Baron de Schiele constitutes the heart of the range Kuehn. Harvest takes place late at the end of the season and only concerns the best terroirs on slopes. According to the characteristics of the year, the selection of terroirs can change from one year to another, the aim being always to obtain a wine with full maturity and expressing all the richness of the soil.

-       Kaefferkopf this great terroir is exclusively located on the best slopes of Ammerschwihr and was the first place (1932) officially delimited in Alsace. René Kuehn, owner of the Domaine, large/y contributed to the international recognition of this famous Cru during the second half of the 20th century. The Kaefferkopf covers 71 hectares of the most beautiful slopes of Ammerschwihr and is only planted in noble grapes like Gewurz­traminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris. It was very recently classified as a Grand Cru wine early 2007 and henceforth plays in the court of the big although its reputation is not to make any longer. The Riesling is the most representative varietal in Kaefferkopf after Gewurztraminer. Our Kaefferkopf results from a precise blend of 3 varietals: 60 % of Gewurztraminer, 30 % of Riesling and 10 %of Pinot Gris, all stemming from the Grand Cru place Kaefferkopf.The Domaine Kuehn proposes you memorable lasting moments by offering you wines produced with the res­pect of nature and love for the terroirs.