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Particular biodiversity

Sheltered from any oceanic influences by the Vosges mountains, the vineyards of Alsace benefit from a semi-continental climate characterised by sunshine, warmth and low rainfall. The Valley of the Rhine has always acted as a natural shelter for the vine.
In fact Alsace is the most septentrional region in France and the furthest from the sea, and where the annual rainfall is very low for a vineyard region at around 450mm. 

The subsoil in Alsace, a mixture of granite and grit, is covered by a layer of geological deposits from granite to chalk together with schiste and marn and chalk. It is this diversity of terroir combined with an ideal exposition to the sun due to the southerly slopes, whiches gives the wines their special character. The region around Colmar, the heart of the vineyards of Cave Jean Geiler, is ideally placed with shelter from the west winds yet with maximum sun exposure.

The reflection of the terroir gives the wines of Jean Geiler an element that is both unique and complex, while the panoply of grape varieties in Alsace (six white and one red) allows the best expression of each terroir.

Grands Crus

Grands Crus

The authenticity of a region

Even if from the IXth century the notion of Grand Cru is already evoked in Alsace, the Appellation “Alsace Grand Crus” crowns only since 1975 and until 2007 : 51 localities which makes up her as so many Terroirs strictly bounded and classified in Grand Crus. 

Beyond the vine, it is here the microclimate, the exposure, the ancestral fame, the geologic profile and the peculiarity of wines stemming from these soils which determine their classification in the elite of Wines of Alsace.

Representing only 5 % of the total surface of the Alsatian vineyard (approximately 800 ha), these Terroirs rise to exceptional wines from which the rigorous rules of production guarantee the excellence and the authenticity.

The Cellars of Hell

The Cellars of Hell

The Domaine has been founded in 1675 by a renowned vine-growers family, the Kuehn. The last descendant, René Kuehn, was deputy, mayor of the village and lawyer. He actively contributed to the creation of the Origin Appellation of Alsace of 1962.

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