Terrine of foie gras, stewed with spicy quince

  • Easy
  • 2 heures
  • 8 persons


• 1.5 kg of raw duck foie gras
• 12g of fine salt
• 3 pinches of ground white pepper
• 30 cl of gewurztraminer late harvest
• 2 kg of quinces
• 600 g caster sugar
• 6 sticks of cinnamon
• 4 cloves
• 2 vanilla pods

Preparation of recipe

Remove the nerves from the foie gras very cleanly on a greaseproof paper, trying to leave the whole pieces. Season and marinate with the gewurztraminer. Tamp the liver in a 1.5 L terrine. Cover and cook in a bain-marie at 100 ° C (thermostat 3-4) for 45 minutes. Squeeze lightly, let cool in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

Peel the quince and cut into cubes. Stuff them in a light syrup made with sugar and 1 L of water with added spices and vanilla. Keep them in this syrup.

When serving, unmold the terrine with a knife dipped in hot water. Cut a nice slice per person. Garnish each plate with two spoonfuls of well-drained quince.

Ideal wine to accompany your Terrine of foie gras, stewed with spicy quince: