Kugelhopf: "Alsatian Brioche"

  • Medium
  • 2 heures 55 minutes
  • 8 persons
  • At heart of Alsace


2 ¼ lb plain flour
5 oz sugar
½ oz salt
10 oz butter
3 eggs
¾ pint milk
1 oz brewer’s yeast
5 oz seedless sultanas
2 ½ oz almonds
Optional extra: a small glass of kirsch

Preparation of recipe

First prepare the dough with the yeast, half of the milk, warmed, and sufficient flour to make dough of average consistency; leave in a warm place.

In a separate basin, mix the remaining flour with the salt, eggs and the rest of the warm milk and knead energetically for about 15 minutes lifting the mixture with the hands.

Add the butter, softening it in the hands, and knead in the dough which will have doubled in volume. Continue to knead for a few minutes, cover the bowl with a cloth and leave to settle in a warm place for about an hour. Knead again, break open the dough, mix in the sugar and sultanas (steeped beforehand in Kirsch or in water) and then (optional) add a small glass of Kirsch.

Grease thoroughly the bottom and ridges of the “Kougelhopf” mould; decorate the bottom with almonds, which should, if possible, be peeled and wiped, and then place the dough into the mould.

Once more, leave the dough to rise until it reaches the top edge of the mould and then place in the oven on a medium heat (390°F).

If the “Kougelhopf” browns too quickly, cover with a sheet of paper; bake for about ¾ hour (400’F).

Ideal wine to accompany your Kugelhopf: "Alsatian Brioche" :